Various Scarlet Pimpernel Movies

    I have just remembered a nice thing about the young baby months: my husband and I get so wired with interrupted sleep that we wind up watching videos together to laugh about.  Having just finished reading the Scarlett Pimpernel to B (who endured the love parts with great patience) I reserved all the movie versions the library had on interlibrary loan.  The 1930’s black and white version starring Merle Oberon is the most faithful, although Margerite’s grudge against the St Cer’s is a little over dramatic.  B gave it a boring, but M watched it with me.  It had horses in it.
    The 1998 A and E version was well cast, had good music and mostly wonderful costumes (though why is it that the main characters managed to come out of prison in clean clothes when everyone else was all dirty?)  WAY too much violence and bawdy scenes.   Is it redeeming if most of the bedroom scenes feature people enthusiastically married to each other?   And wearing night shirts? 
I’m not sure, but it is unusual in television.  The bad guys didn’t wear night shirts, as far as I could tell, I hit the fast forward button.
    The early ’80’s version starring Jane Semoure and Anthony Andrews hasn’t come in yet.  I remember that this one ends with a sword fight at Mont San Michel with the tide coming in, and also has bedroom scenes (that’s what fast forward buttons are for)  I don’t remember if it’s any good or not, the last time I saw it I was a sighing teen ager.

So, I’m off to flip the laundry, and turn over the computer to B, whose turn it is to play a game and listen Adventures in Odysee.

    Meanwhile, B has finally come out in spots and fever, and unexpectedly, so has K.  Though she doesn’t have a fever, just spots.  I can’t tell if she’s itchy, she can’t control her hands yet to scratch.  The doctor was surprised too.  I wonder how much the virus has changed since I had it in 1977.  Maybe that was the NY virus, this is the New England one.   Nursing is well established, so I thought she’d be immune.  I hope I hope  I hope this will be a slight case for her.

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