How to Watch The Wiggles

This is a big deal for K.  She doesn’t speak much, so how does she get to watch her favorite video?  This is a good season for it, Mommy can’t do much, and there are other grown ups around who might not all have told each other how many times she’s seen it before in one day…

This is her procedure:

1 Pick up the video case
2 Choose a likely adult
3 Smile engagingly at them, then whack them on the leg with the video case.
4 If they don’t seem to get the message, walk to the hallway and motion to the living room door.
5 If they are already in the living room, pat the futon so they sit down, then push random buttons on the TV, dancing might give them the idea too.  Repeat step 3 if necessary.
6 If that doesn’t work, try another adult, or maybe your brothers, they know how to work the TV!

She sure understands the parable of the widow and the unjust judge.

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