Foot up, Kids Fine, Food Done, Will Craft.

With my in-laws taking such superb care of all of us, I’ve had time to think and make things.
I used photos from blog entries that already had journaling to go with them, and for once used a published sketch from a scrapbook magazine to guide my placement of photos.  Then I followed another tip I’ve read, and made cards with the left overs while my desk was covered in things that went together.

I have not figured out exactly how next year’s schedule will work, I have not finished planning my geography class, or learning all the English grammar I have to teach B next year that I do not know myself…but boy do I have cards to send out if I need them! 

And that feels great.

And looks pretty.

One thought on “Foot up, Kids Fine, Food Done, Will Craft.

  1. My birthday is coming up… in October. Just in case you need to send me a card.