This Week’s CSA Box and Menu

Friday – Pizza, B is up to the Italian unification in SOTW Assets: lots of zuchini, one eggplant, a huge nappa cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, corn, lettuce, green peppers
Saturday – nice lunch and dinner Ratatue -maybe the movie will make this seem special – is it possible some tomatoes from my garden have survived the blight? Perhaps they have good tomatoes at the grocery store? Garden chowder. Good green salad.
Sunday – picnic lunch at church? Nice snacks, desert and light supper before evening church, Grandma is on a missions trip the zuchini chocolate cake – both boys have declared it a favorite. Hoggie sandwiches at church, carrots, cucumber and pepper in salad dip, popcorn,
Monday – easy/quick B’s flute lesson in mid afternoon tuna stuffed green peppers
Tuesday Asian flavored soup with lots of Nappa cabbage, borrow Mom’s deep fryer, and make eggrolls to use up the rest of the cabbage.
Wednesday needs a quick supper for getting out the door by 6:30 for prayer meeting chicken fajita
Thursday, needs a quick or start ahead supper for picking up next week’s CSA box in the afternoon chili from the freezer

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