Blanket Protocol

K has some funny procedures.  Today she was crying in the beginning of nap time, not
settling down. I picked her up and asked her if she still wanted to
nurse (we’d been interrupted by the phone) she shook her head, and
pointed to her blanket on the floor. I picked it up and then she pointed
to the chair – nursing doesn’t count unless there is a snuggly blanket
too apparently, my numb brain remembered at that point that she’d done
the same thing at 2AM this morning. 

Yesterday I came in after nap time
to pick her up from her crib, and she shook her head.  I said, you want
to stay in your crib?  She threw out her blankets one at a time with a
repeat of the conversation, then threw up her arms like a gymnast at the
end of a routine to be picked up.

Well, at least little Miss No Schedule is getting a rhythm somewhere in
life!  Funny girl!

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