Pre Breakfast Math, with M

K did only get me up twice last night, but I was still slug a bed at 7AM.  I heard DH herding children, and M plaintively call, "Are all these cool library books for me? But who will read them to me?"

I knew DH was brewing coffee, so once he’d brought me a cup, I told M I’d read to him, in bed, while K nursed.  We enjoyed An Octopus is Amazing by Patricia Lauber. Then ate oat meal, even though M was begging for the math books.  We for-stayed him by asking him to tell us what he’d learned about math lately.  He told DH that 3 squared is 9. Then he checked to make sure that 9 was one less than 10, and asked if 10 squared was one less than 9 squared.  He was disappointed to hear that 9 squared was 19 less than 10 squared, but I promised to pull out the cuisenare rods to show him why this morning.  Mean while we have read The Mission of Addition, and the Action of Subtraction, both by Brian P. Cleary.  Both have funny illustrations, but keep negative numbers a deep secret, and don’t play with zero much.  But the funny illustrations are very funny indeed!

So, the boys have finished their chores, I have done a good chunk of M’s math, but I’m still wearing pajamas.  I guess if M understands squaring, but can’t count conventionally yet, he gets some of his a-synchrony honestly!

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