We have Officially Become Band Parents

B’s flute teacher asked me if I would mind if he joined the middle school band (they only had one flute) and so I’ve been expecting her to let us know it was time.  So today we planned to walk B over to the middle school for band, push the buzzer by the main entrance, turn two rights to the "cafe-torium," then say goodbye in a supportive but non-embarrassing way to B, and we did, or so we thought.  There were no instruments in the room.  I asked the young man sorting balls, "Is this the Brennan cafe-torium?"  He blinked at me.

The young woman organizing young kids turned to me and said, "No, It’s the Studley cafeteria, Brennan is up the street."

Brennan turns out to be about half a block up the road, near the high school basketball court and soccer field, past the Jr varsity football field.  We were only about 5 min late.
M and K had noticed a cool playground behind Studley, so we went back.  I figured we’d been there about an hour, so we returned for B, who seemed happy to see us, and we tromped home.

The band director has me signed up as a substitute to help new students with instrument rental on Thursday night if her other volunteers can’t make it.  I’m official now.  I have become a Band Parent.

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