How is the Geograpy Co-op Class coming? installment 1

I’d love to report that I’ve found a perfect book for UPPER Grade students (I have 4th grade through 9th grade), and have an outline for the next half of co-op.  But really, while I’ve come up with good stuff, I’m making it up week to week as my library books come in, budget it tight at the moment at co-op, so I did not buy anything although, most of the resources are marketed for younger elementary, or are basically atlases.

The first class I assigned a project (presenting their projects will take up the last two classes) This was inspired by my friend Annie’s comment on my Help! I’ve got to organize a Geography Class post.

The Project:

By the end of November, I want you to present your dream trip to the class, in any format you choose: speech, lapbook, poster, essay paper.

Pick anywhere in the world. Perhaps somewhere your ancestors are from, perhaps somewhere you have read about in a novel, in history or seen in a movie. Maybe you know a missionary who lives there. Maybe you love the food, the art, the people, the wildlife. Maybe you can earn lots of money there. Tell us what it is that interests you there.

What time of the year you will travel there, what you will pack, how you will travel (bicycle, foot, plane, canal boat, camel) where you will stay, who you will visit, what sites you will see, how many days you will stay there, what local specialties you wish to try, what souvenirs you will buy, and how you will be polite (different things show politeness in different places, be sure your manors are calibrated) What is your budget? Do you need any shots? Do you need a passport? Do you need a body guard? Is getting a visa tricky for this part of the world? What language(s) are spoken in this place, why? How are Americans viewed in this part of the world, why? What do most people do for a living there? Show us a map with the places you plan visit on it. Don’t forget to plan a day to relax when you are there, travel is strenuous, you don’t want to get sick.

The end of the class we did an activity to show map projections from pg 26 of Make it work! Maps by Andrew Haslam.  Only, since I don’t drink soda, and had no bottles on hand to make a half globe, and since the glass ornaments you can fill were on sale at Michaels, I used those.

Get the soda bottles, one globe broke in my hand and I got blood and glass shards everywhere.  Besides, even with very small pen light flashlights, even 8th graders are all thumbs.

Not to mention certain Moms we all know ;-0

One thought on “How is the Geograpy Co-op Class coming? installment 1

  1. Thanks for giving me this link to your follow-up. I'm thinking of using the Ultimate Guide to World Geography and Trail Guide to World Geography. I have received the Ultimate Guide yet but am starting to collect ideas.

    One idea I've read in Trail Guide to World Geography is to use the book Around the World in 80 Days.

    Still trying to think it out.