All we have to do is crawl under the kitchen table

This week my dishwasher broke, and it turns out that I broke it (so don’t be like me- rise or scrape your plates really well!) and so we paid the landlord for the new dishwasher.  In addition to breaking the dish washer, the day he delivered it was the day I left the mess in the kitchen so we could visit the used kids clothing store/Target and grocery store before K’s nap time, so he REALLY noticed the state of the kitchen floor while he was lying down installing the new dishwasher.

I’ve mentioned before that I hate criticism?  Especially when I deserve it?  Well, he was very kind, and I’m trying to be a grown up.

 DH took the kids with him as he passed out invitations to church door to door, and I scrubbed the floor, then walked downtown to the hardware store to buy floor wax, a new mop head, and contact cement – the rubber toe kicks have come down from the kitchen cabinets.  One has come loose again, so I’m going to try my hot glue from the crafts desk – not so stinky.

The first coat of wax is drying, K has not yet woken up.  M was delighted to crawl under the displaced table to get his snack, and no one has left tracks.

Now if only my landlord would come by while it looks good.

One thought on “All we have to do is crawl under the kitchen table

  1. That is SO how it is! I, too, hate criticism (especially when I deserve it!) and people only seem to see my floor when it's filthy. I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with the proportion of time it spends dirty to clean (1000:1?)