M, You Really Know how to have Fun

On Monday, the weather report was for pouring rain all day with only a little bit of sunshine first thing in the morning.  So decided to rush the kids through breakfast, forgive the chores, and go to the pond first thing in the morning.  We even walked Daddy to work – and slowed him down considerably.

But he was patient and K looked like Cindy-Lou Whoo.

Approaching the land preserve from the mill building parking lot, the boys remembered that there were paths made by the air soft guys that we hadn’t explored yet. Getting to them involved crossing the small, stagnant  channel near the old turbine site.  There used to be a long board you could cross.  "Swallows and Amazons." I told myself, more adventure…but that board had rotted, and there was now parts of a pallet, very narrow to cross on.  B suggested that he leap the channel, I hand K across, and he help M.  "Swallows and Amazons." I told myself.  I told M, "Now, your brother is just going to help your balance, not carry you."

He got half way across, then jumped for B’s arms. "They are both going in," I thought, and closed my eyes. 

Splash!  Splash!

They both went in.

We were about 5 blocks from home, one parking lot away from Daddy’s work, but I realized that I’d locked us out of the apartment.  So we trouped (shivering) to Daddy’s work.  The lab manager met us at the door.  DH was back in the noisy part of the lab with the vibration tables, but the manager paged him for us.

"M, what happened?" he asked.  M looked at me with that "help, I’m so embarrased!" look, so I answered, "He fell into some stagnant, scummy water."

"M," said the lab manager, "You REALLY KNOW how to Have FUN!"

M grinned broadly and started smiling and talking.

Swallows and Amazons. Yeah, it’s the way to go.  And the scum washed out, and the boys cheerfully drew in their nature books, again, after we went home and changed, and walked back to the pond.
B even carried K partway home when she got heavy.  OK B, I’ll write it: What would I do without you?

2 thoughts on “M, You Really Know how to have Fun

  1. The boys came up to see the photos and hear what Daddy was laughing about. They both dispute my version of the facts. B says he did not go in (just got a bit wet, not as bad a M, I wasn't looking though, and he did Splash.)

    M said that he didn't get more relaxed after the comment by the lab manager, but more embarrassed.

    So, does this return my journalistic integrity boys?