Get Organized, Chris…

We took Mom and another friend out for dinner last night in a town mid-way between us (even though K had a cold.  It’s hard to schedule time with a bunch of people if we wait until everyone is over colds, someone is always sniffling – I guess I need to work on handwashing more?).  We laughed and told stories until nearly 9PM, even with K exploring the restaurant and looking at the cute Thai fish in the fishtank surrounded by a small house.  (Perhaps a spirit house? I rather hope not.)  The waiters came out of the kitchen to wave goodbye to her when we left, so she must not have made a bad impression. 

So, despite our invigorating green  curry supper, and green tea ice cream desert, we are very foggy this morning.  All of us have caught K’s cold, which I think she caught last Friday at one of the two Christmas parties we attended (yeah, us unsocialized homeschoolers;-)  I’m trying to think of a relaxing recovery day that is not a waste of time, no one is up to kitchen table school today.  However, when M came to tell me that it was his turn to use the computer, and I realized I’d been clicking since breakfast, I kicked B off of the other computer to go do HIS chores, and I thought I’d organize myself AND blog.  K is playing with boxes my Mom made to hold candy last Valentine’s day, she’s already played with the ‘keep the toddler busy’ game I recently uncovered in the game shelf when I was making room for new Christmas presents.  (one large box is ready to go to the Salvation Army now)

So, yeah, good things to do when we are all foggy brained: we haven’t done an art project in a while, B hates these, but if I can keep my cool, it will be a calming day for both of them once we pass over the set up bumps, and play soothing music – I’ll have to use the computer cd player, no other cd player in the house is working at the moment, also, the classical radio station has switched to a transmitter north of Boston, and I can only receive it in the car.   I can continue to  read the 21 Balloons to them, as long as I keep up a steady supply of tea to keep my throat clear, I also have the Reb and the Redcoats checked out of the library, we enjoyed that when B was in 1st grade, so M will probably enjoy it too.  Yeah, liquids. I have lemons in the fridge, B adores homemade lemonaid.

OK, I’m back, M and B are listening to Adventures in Odysee while clearing the table and doing the dishes, K is showing me some of their Lego that she got into, and asking to climb on my lap.

It is snowing and sticking today, it feels quaint and slow.  We’ll stir ourselves up to shovel off the walks later for outside time.

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