Two Christmas Parties in One Day

The first was the LIFE Christmas Crafting party where I was crafter, on December 5, I didn’t want this post to get lost in the archives, so it’s out of chronology. The children walked about between the tables, listened to Christmas music, and ate an awful lot of cookies, cake, and cheese and crackers, there were some veggies too, which did disappear.
Yep, I was a crafter all right, see that "way too many children are asking me questions at once and I’m not sure how to herd them politely," face?

M had fun though, he loves to work with his hands, especially with novel adults.  i struggle to do craft projects with him at home.

B enjoyed showing K off to the other kids, and playing elaborate running games outside with his friends once they had made their perfunctory crafts.

Next we drove to our friend’s house where she hosted an even larger private party than the group party we’d just come from!  Her house was once a doctor’s office and she has lots of space…and courage!

K and I hung out.  B disappeared with a group of older boys.  M ran with a gang outside to play fast, complex games with his new friends whose names neither of us learned.  (Names seem not to be so important to boys?)  K ate as many cookies and chocolates as she could reach. 

Then she played outside with the two little 6 year old girls who wanted to play ‘Mommy.’

The little girl in red had her birthday that day, she had said to her mom that all she really wanted was a real baby to play with.  So K was an un-witting birthday present.  I hung around to coach the girls, and to keep K from getting too frustrated.

Meanwhile I know the boys were having fun excavating tunnels and telling each other what they’d learned about burrowing creatures, because this was the sink an hour later in the bathroom!

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