Beginning Work on my Gray Mittens

I’m just beginning to play on Ravelry, if you are on, my name is Christinethecurio – not enough room for curious, at least I didn’t become Christinethecur!

So far, I’ve collected a lot of ‘fav’ patterns of mittens and gloves.  It turns out, I love the look of gloves with fancy cables, and long cuffs, especially ones with a diagonal lozenge from the ribbing to the base of the fingers, but for taking my kids to the park, I need warm mittens, not just pretty gloves.  I’ve also noticed that the stash feature comes in handy for looking at what other people have done with the same yarn, so that you know if it is most suitable for knit and purl patterns, cables, lace or whatever.  So far my ball of Sindar Country Style DK is good for lace and cables, I haven’t seen it used for knit and purl patterns besides ribbing.

I think I’ll probably want a closed ring design in the middle of the lozenge, and use my Christmas tree increase of course!

One thought on “Beginning Work on my Gray Mittens

  1. Wow! Your knitting (ever since Jonah's bear suit nine years ago) amazes me! I think I'll stick to ribbing and leave the fancy stuff to you!