DH Guest Blog: Oak Knoll Mud Walk

This is DH for another Guest Blog…

We had over a foot of snow here just before Christmas. Then the weather turned warmer, then  rainy, over the weekend. Between the weather and the Christmas season excitement, the kids have been having a bit of "Cabin Fever". Time to get them outside more.

 On Saturday, the kids and I went to the Oak Knoll Audobon Wildlife Sanctuary land for a "Mud Walk". This gave DW some down time, got us all outside, and was also good for school science time! We walked down the snowy/muddy trails, around lake Talaquega (A large name for a small lake / large pond). The kids got interested in the animal tracks in the snow. Squirrel tracks leading up to a wooden bridge, with bits of acorn shell on the bridge railing, told an interesting story.

K is still uncertain about walking in boots. She needed to be carried most of the way around the lake. To stop her fussing, I kept pointing out the trail markers on the trees, and asking her "where is the next one?"

M and B had a lot of fun. the only problem was that M complained about being too hot, and had to take off his hat and gloves.

I had a lot of fun with the kids. We need to do this more often. I think as they get older, we should do more camping. Does anyone have good advice about taking younger children camping?


2 thoughts on “DH Guest Blog: Oak Knoll Mud Walk

  1. We love camping even with littles– but it takes some vigilence! We like to go with another family (Sam calls them his camping coaches) so we have more grown-ups, even if it doesn't change the adults:kids ratio. Lots of food, a pack&play, low expectations– it all helps the camping go smothly.


  2. The pictures of K standing in her little red outfit are adorable!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    Peace and Laughter,