Tournament Results

The Mindstorm Maniacs didn’t place.

We are planning to hold a debriefing/ice cream social soon: some of the things they did right weren’t obvious on the day of the judging, and some persistent problems were – so, we need to make a learning day of it.

The grown ups are a bit tired, but we had a good Sunday, the kids seem a little slow, but not too bad.

My Mom took M, K and me out for dinner at Friendlies while DH and B helped take down the tournament stuff, the guys actually beat us home (their traditional after tournament supper is MacDonalds)  K was so giddy from no nap and big crowds, she introduced herself to the other diners, and danced in between the tables to the background music.  My mother says I was also that extroverted when I was a toddler, and that when she moved to a new town, she was known as "the Lady whose baby says Hi to everybody."

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