Many Uses for a new to us tablet computer

My Mom’s work sent us some tablet computers that they were replacing, they have some problems with connecting to their keyboards, and the security program needed for keeping medical records secret, after wiping them completely, we are having a lot of fun with them with just the styluses though, and our family’s uses don’t have to comply with HIPPA (Is it two p’s or one?)

B is doing his handwriting exercised on the tablet; if the computer can translate it into print correctly, then he knows he did a good job with it without me having to criticize his work (I am so trying how to do it gracefully, meanwhile any face saver is welcome to both of us).

The guys will be able to play their war games head to head to head on the tablets.

I played on the GIMP with the tablet – the stylus is easier than the mouse

We realized that I’ll be able to download e-books on the tablet and use it as a portable reader – yeah, no more printing e-books!  Now I just have to learn how to get e-books off my hard drive and onto the tablet, but I’ll ask DH.

Eventually, I’ll use the tablet for charting knitting patterns, so I can chart in bed ;-)

M is drawing with the stylus, then playing with changing the ‘pen’ he used for it.

Oh!  New Toys!  Such Fun!

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