Guest Blog from M

I went to a pizzaria Uno for a field trip on the 27. I made the pizza
myself, It was yummy. I toured the kitchen, it was like a house kitchen
only giant-er and more people. The refrigerator and freezer were like
stock houses except colder. After the pizza party I played with my
friend N and his sister at a playground. We were playing this
stick game, it was kind of cool, N and me were on one side, and
his sister and my brother were on the other side. They had weird kinds
of stick cannon, it was more like a bunch of sticks with big twigs all
over them, so it wasn’t too realistic. We were sword fighting with
sticks, and stealing everyone’s sticks, then we made a rule that no one
could make a rule during the game (but we made that rule during the game
so it was sort of violating itself.)

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