Owl Prowl

Today was a MONDAY – just too much of a MONDAY.  So I’m not going to blog about it.  I’ll blog about Saturday morning.

M bounced onto my bed, and began a monologue.  "Mom, did you know that owls have hollow bones so that they can fly better?  Did you know that they have extra bones in their necks so they can turn their heads further? They have peg shaped eyes, so their eyes don’t turn, but they can see as much as we can.  Their ears are set so that … Momma, you have to look at me…one is here, and one is here (since you out in blogland can’t see him either, one ear is higher than than the other) and when he hears his prey, he can tell where it is, he can hear a mouse turning around under the snow a football field away, and we took apart an owl pellet and it had three skulls in it and a LOT of ribs…and Energy Griffins have heads like owls now, not eagles.  (Energy Griffins are his imaginary monster friends, owls must have made quite the impression).

When DH and the boys dragged in Friday night, they were too tired to tell me if they’d had a good time or not at the Oak Knoll Audubon Owl Prowl, but once M had some sleep behind him, he really took off on owls.

Friday afternoon was awesome too: the boys played Pokemon at a friend’s house while lots of  Moms sipped tea and K got into too much chocolate.

Sunday Mom hosted interesting guests for dinner; the seminary prof who was pulpit supply while my pastor is away seeing to his mother’s burial in England, and his wife who just recently finished up homeschooling their four kids.

How could a plain old Monday compete?  Maybe Tuesday will have nothing to prove and we will hum along more cheerfully.  If it’s not fatigue with 3 field trips and a planning meeting all in last week but the February blues are creeping up on us – I have a plan.

I’m going to pause our regular work (not B’s Flute or Latin though – the outsourcing has it’s own schedule) and we will take two weeks to run through the Bernie Zubrowski books that have languished for the year. 

Of course, if it is just fatigue- I have a plan for that too. 

Goodnight, I’m going to be early ;-)

2 thoughts on “Owl Prowl

  1. Have you introduced them to the Guardians of Ga'hoole books by K. Lasky? J just discovered them– they're about owls– and is tearing through them.


  2. B really enjoyed the first half of the series, but lost steam. He continued his totalitarian kick though and read Animal Farm.

    I can't wait for the new Megan Whalen Turner book to come out in March in the Thief series! DH, B and I will be fighting over it when it comes!