It’s JR FLL Time again

But this time DH is the coach, and there are only two kids on the team. DH is the coach, because he can speak boy, not that I did all that badly, judging from the final expo, but it was stressful last year – plus 6 little boys was way too many to cram into my kitchen.

Yesterday at church, M asked about 3-d shapes.  I decided to to print out Jimmie’s polyhedra resources, plus look into some more complex nets.

But the first thing we did today after chores and breakfast, was run to the library, because they have a copy of Among the Impostors, and B had to find out what happened next after Among the Hidden…and it was such a lovely day, we didn’t make it back from the park until 11, but I did do M’s table work with him (in abridged form) and B practiced his flute.  K played play dough.

DH deleted our current stash of computer games, a sort of periodic fast he does when he thinks the boys and he have gotten too obsessive.  M was much more eager to figure out how to program the WeDo software (which will help with the Jr FLL challenge) once he had no games to play.

I try to have a good attitude towards computer games, I know that the  boys have both learned good strategy and math ideas from them (at least negative numbers from scoring ;-)  But you can’t save their favorite games, and that means that whenever the timer goes off, they are loosing – because you always start over again at the beginning and the computer has the advantage.  So I am always the bad guy. First I tell them that media time is rationed, then I make them "loose" by pulling them off the computer once that timer has gone off.

I like not having engrossing things around that make me the bad guy.

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