Standard Emergency/Inconveniences

Well, yesterday, K didn’t nap, M’s loose tooth turned at an angle making it uncomfortable to eat (he calls it a tusk), and B sprained his ankle. 

So, B is sitting on the couch with a tablet computer watching videos about the long division algorythm (it’s the closest thing I can find to a pedagogue – slavery is immoral after all.) M is playing outside.  We had planned to go to the library first thing after breakfast and chores to get B the next few books in his series – forgetting that the library doesn’t open until 11:30 AM on Thursdays.  So we returned to B, found him cheerfully watching long division (he’d already seen the new videos about space architecture on the science channel).

So, I have breakfast to get cleaned up, K to keep out of trouble, three loads of laundry irritating me in the workshop, (mixed room loads, so I have to sort them, I can ‘t just take them to the bedroom they belong in and get rid of them.)  I also need a photocopier to help me choose my co-op lesson for tomorrow – by which one i have all the lego bricks I need.  Wow, that’s a weird sentence –   I want to photocopy the inventories of the 4 kits, cut them up and find the least common denominator of bricks (in a pasted collage), so I can order what I don’t have from the boy’s collections, but also know what I need for tomorrow.  I decided to do it visually with scissors and paste, because last week when I wrote a list, I ordered 16 12-stud beams, instead of 12 16-stud beams.  See what happens when I try to organize myself like other people?  It’s bad enough inventorying several hundred lego bricks, why was I trying to be someone else while I did it?

I forgot to set the automatic class size alert and scheduled in too many children (hence the shortage of lego in the first place).  I also need to get groceries because somehow about 4 critical items did not get on the grocery list off of  the menu list. I also need to get the house picked up for the lego meeting on Saturday, and print the room assignment papers  and clipboard papers for co-op.

I just want to sit in peace and quiet and knit my mitten, I have it 90% designed now.  I decided to just knit them as they are, buy more yarn that hasn’t been frogged into pills, and continue the on the needle iterations.  At least the wonky versions will keep my hands warm at the playground.

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