An Afternoon Walk in the Spring Last Week

We had to leave B at home: his independent work had been interrupted by a shopping trip, and we weren’t letting him walk much on his mending ankle anyway.
Hmm, reading library books alone, with music playing at a volume of his choice and no siblings to get into his stuff…real suffering.

Some ornamental onion shoots in our garden; the huge purple ball kind.
K enjoying that NEW SHOE feeling, thanks to birthday present from Cousin K and B.
I let M and K go down the bank beside the 10 mile river, M was investigating a culvert here.
The river was much higher than usual; no flooding yet, though the water department has been vacuuming out the storm drains with a really huge truck lately.
K was getting the hang of steep inclines: she tends to try to go straight down them.
Submerged tree trunk
almost blooming loniceria fragrantissimo

And briefly back to the river bank, until K started to walk in while wearing her new shoes.

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