What do I need to do now?

K finally fell asleep.  I have worked in the garden, supper should be easy, I have laundry going – I feel a bit discontented though because the Carnival is up, and it was fun, but now what? Here’s a list for the next month or so:

Sewing stuff:

iron the cut out summer tops that are sitting in the basket waiting: can’t sew them in their present state.
pin fit the tops
sew the tops
rub off a pattern of the capris that fit for making more capris that fit, and pajama bottoms

knitting pattern stuff

ball the skeins
finish adapting the chart for the oval
learn how to use inkscape
write my own size
add in the larger sizes
knit my mittens
proofread the pattern
call for test knitters for the other sizes (buy them the yarn this time?)
hire a tech editor
learn how to use La-tex-a for lay outs

On the business front
check for other businesses with my name
get a DBA
get a tax number
get a bank account

get set up with pay pal
get a business e-mail

Getting ready for company coming

clean house
make the kids pick the toys off the floor: our guest is blind
plan menus
scribble notes on the calender
see if the library has a pass for the submarine in Groton

scrap book stuff – because I want to
look at my files of digital goodies and prune/rearrange/gloat over them

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