B, my first Venture Capitalist

I was mentioning to DH how tangled my brain is about starting the business:

 – do I need to file the DBA if I don’t know if I’ll earn more than $400 this year or not?  Should the business have it’s own checking account for Pay Pal if only to keep the numbers separate from our family’s numbers (unanimous YES, we can scramble numbers faster than eggs)

-When to set that up since the pattern that will be-for-real-money is not going to be available for a month or two anyway (and who knits mittens in July in the Northern Hemisphere?  Well, maybe some really forward thinkers who want small, not too hot projects on their laps?  Maybe some Southern Hemisphere knitters will want to make my mittens?)

-I was listing the fees for various things (bank account, DBA certificate, buying the domain name for the internet) When B said, "I just got my allowance, so I have $10."

Wow, my boy wants to invest in me.  Wonder what interest he charges.

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