CBHD has a bioethics podcast now.

When DH was taking night classes at Trinity International University, I took them too, which made paying for them and not getting into debt a bit tricky  (Especially after B was born)  But anyway, the bioethics classes were offered at night – and we took quiet a few of them.  We appreciated Dr Kilner’s gracious discussion facilitation, and enjoyed the cross disciplinary thinking.

It was helpful to have thought through some end of life things when my Dad discovered that he had liver cancer, and a lung condition no one ever figured out that made him unable to undergo surgery.  I wasn’t involved in Dad’s decisions, but having heard of the options made me more comfortable with what he chose, and realize that supporting his decisions was part of recognizing his dignity.

I think everyone ought to get ‘up’ on theses issues: doctor/patient relationship, informed consent, the dignity of man because of the Imagio Dei, choosing life at the beginning and end of life, hospice vs euthanasia…they all come up for us at some point because we are all gonna die – and every one we know will too.   What percent of prayer meetings are interceding for the sick?

But I haven’t kept up with news from the Centery for Bioethics and Human Dignity as well as I meant to, because I was surprised to find out they have a pod cast at The Bioethics Podcast. The audio quality is quite good too.

So, got some time to listen?

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