The June Haze

I am one of those people whose feelings and thinking are mixed up.  I’m feeling slightly ill at ease, and worse, I don’t know why.  I hate that.

June is beautiful, the garden smells amazing.  My daily Bible reading RSS is up to Song of Solomon – I never noticed before how many scents are mentioned in it.  I’ve been reading Generation Debt, In Praise of Doubt, and watching the new Dr Who, which while funny and with more special effects than the one I watched with my Dad in the ’80’s,  it makes me sad.  Poor Doctor – he can’t save himself and he has no God.

June: it gets hot and muggy.  There are only so many layers you can take off.  Give me winter any day.  June: got to finish up the homeschool year – whatever that means since we school year round. Got to gear up for the Summer rush at DH’s lab. ( They have twice to three times the amount of business in the Summer.)  Got to finish the homeschool portfolio for evaluation (even though these grades aren’t ‘done’.)  B’s Summer band rehearsals are double the school year rehearsals, plus he can’t walk to his weekly lessons until the middle-school band rehearsals start up again (He’s part of the public school band), that kills an afternoon nap time for K.  I Should take the kids to the beach once or twice, even though we aren’t done with the academic year (whatever done means).  My Daddy died in June.  I get wistful in June.

So, it’s June, the weather is hazy, I’m hazy.

Maybe this is just the old I-hate-transitions-thing?

I need to come up with a cheer-i-er blog topic.  Suggestions?  Unless everyone really enjoys reading the Chris is foggy kind of posts…

One thought on “The June Haze

  1. December is hard for Sam for the same reason. It happens every year, and we can’t put a finger on it, but it’s there, underlying everything. Bless you, Christine. I’ll pray. (I say who cares about the school. Get to the beach and call it Nature Study and P.E.)