Summer Solstice

B has long wanted to explore Bernie Zubrowski’s book about clocks.  I’ve put it off because it starts out with shadow observations of a pole for several days spread throughout the year.  The only pole  around here that neither casts a shadow into traffic nor is in the shade of a large building nor casts a shadow on a hillside is in a park 2 blocks away.

But when the Google picture was of the summer solstice this morning, I decided that we would camp out at the park and do  kitchen table school on the picnic table.  It worked nicely, except that K wanted to climb through some poison ivy, and I had not packed a snack.

B has run down for more observations this afternoon.  The park is closed now, we will go down tomorrow to record what we see, and pull our bamboo skewer markers out of the lawn.  The chalk marks from when the shadows were on the sidewalk should take care of themselves.

Tomorrow is also the last day we can pick strawberries at the farm we like, the season is so early this year.

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