What are we about this week…hmmm?

Each morning begins with either jack hammers and air compressors, or air compressors and soil compressors tunneling under the new sidewalks.  I think I am loosing my hearing, DH asked me why I was shouting this morning, and I was surprised to discover that everyone else could hear me when I spoke normally.

M had his spring-ed bracket brace orthodontia thing cemented to a few back teeth today to get the last stuck molar moving, I didn’t even try to do any school with him this week – who can compete with construction AND pain?

K has been alternately scared and fascinated by the machines.

B has nearly tied up writing and history (that gives him lots of scope for jokes…such as, how can we finish history?  The survivors will always do something, and make more…)

DH is programming a lot at work.

And me?  I keep forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s really, really loud.  Lets see; teach the children, feed the family, don’t yell…umm…write patterns, plan next year…did I mention it’s really, really loud?

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