6th Grade Declared Done

Well, we decided that the last few grammar chapters, spelling assignments and writing tasks can just be picked up next year in the beginning – Next year is in two weeks.

It’s not that I’m giving up (exactly) we needed more time for band rehearsal and practice than I’d remembered from last summer (he is in the advanced band this year too, so that adds to it) but I  need the time to get organized for next year;  and to be ready to give 5 different Bible lessons on August 28th. (Prayer appreciated)

Last year we went through about 2 different organizational structures for the whole homeschool, and B went through 6 different personal organizational schemes.  But we didn’t change curricula.  This year?  Who knows.  Making a plan is creative and fun, but once it’s written down, it become the master.   I need to have a bit of a power struggle with that thing.

Fun Research Project:

Dig back though the blog to discover which months were productive and which ones needed more vacation.

Look at last year’s organizational attempts and see what challenges aren’t so critical anymore and be thankful.  Maybe some of the spreadsheets I made last year can help me this year too.

Stuff for today:

K needs a bath; she is still wearing her Sunday dress, the white one, the one she wore last night when she played in the dirt pile by the church parking lot.

I need to inventory the food assets (Mom’s garden is exploding in tomatoes and crook necked squash) make a menu and grocery list.

I need to study the Illustrated Wordless Book.

Scary Questions:

Is it possible (for me) to keep a tidy, clean house AND keep up with the homeschool goals (and a 2 1/2 year old)?

Should I note hours of study for M so I know when we are “done?”

Should I have a time check off list (1/2 hour reading instruction, 1/2 hour listening to literature on tape…)

Should I list tasks to check off (practice writing capital S, take dictation, do one sentence copy work, listen to a chapter of The Good Master?

How can I list things to get done (so that we do get them done) and leave wiggle room for  obsessions and wonderful opportunities that just pop up after the master list was made?

How do you do it in your house? (You don’t have to homeschool to speak up!)

2 thoughts on “6th Grade Declared Done

  1. I just decided the answer to my Scary Question #1 was no. So we’re investing in sanity via a biweekly cleaning lady. We’ll see if that makes for a Saner Mommy.

  2. Picked up and vacuumed floors are almost as theraputic as complete sentences and sympathetic listeners – I never thought I would think that when I was a singer girl!