So, how is the pattern coming?

It’s still raining, K is still sick, M is congested, but the pink eye has cleared up, making me think it was a temporary irritation, not a call Dr Mayer thing.  The indoor life is beginning to wear thin.  K begged Daddy to take her to work with him this morning – now she is Daddy’s Girl, but I think she wants to do major puddle jumping.  I know that fevers are caused by germs,not rain, but still – we’ll see.

I haven’t yet started studying school schedules, or the wordless book, but I have edited the Extra Small Left and Right hands of the upcoming mitten pattern,and put together the Small Right hand.  I’m actually getting faster at writing the pattern, it’s like when you have a recipe and don’t have to measure so much anymore, actually, it’s more like writing computer code, only I can’t remember the vocabulary to extent the metaphore right now; I stayed up to watch a movie with DH and B, then got up with K at 3AM (she really wanted Daddy though) so my memory is a bit hazy.

The kids are watching a movie, I have to phone my friend to see if she still wants us to come over and hang out if the littles are sick – maybe I’ll just drop the boys off, M’s is allergies.  I think I’ll sneak in the Small Left hand and another cup of coffee before I attend to phone calls, real work, and getting the kids outside though.

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