Post 700 – How Time Flies

I just noticed that there are 699 posts in this blog, as I was logging into Homeschoolblogger.  Wish I had something really profound to write about besides, wow, it feels like I started this thing yesterday, but getting organized will have to do:

I need to make pizza dough before we leave on an errands run

I need to get to the bank for laundry quarters and flute lesson cash (B’s teacher doesn’t like bank runs with checks, it adds an exciting cash only atmosphere to getting ready for lesson time, as if we were on an adventure with a shady character, instead of just a busy lady with a Mom sick with cancer and no time for bank runs)

Flute lessons – read to M and K, pack crayons and a ball to play with in her yard,

Home to make pizza, I want to use up the really ripe garden tomatoes, but don’t want the pizza sauce too runny either – I’ll figure that out while the oven pre-heats.

I just asked M if he would be my distracto helper as I wake K up – I will tell her that he has prepared milk and cookies for her in the kitchen, he smiled and winked at me.  It is a good thing he can have a job, B just ran to the library alone, and M wanted to go along.

I’m not sure I was square with him, but I do love the wink.

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