DH, my Hero

I find stories on the camera sometimes, this one is like when I glance at the gas meter, and the tank is full in the mini-van, or when I go to chop onions, and my favorite knife has been sharpened.

Last night DH was photographing some old equipment to sell on e-bay, when he realized that the camera flash was wonky.  Somehow, even though I have an electrical engineer of my very own, I don’t always remember to point out strangely behaving electronics to him.  No problem, his soldering set is always handy

It turns out a capacitor was coming loose, so sometimes the flash worked, and sometimes the batteries just drained in vain.

Here is his self portrait of triumph when he fixed it, long after the rest of us were asleep.

I love having my very own personal Geek.

But I’d forgotten his hard work until I uploaded this week’s photos, and there was his story.

Maybe I need to post photos of my onions for myself.

4 thoughts on “DH, my Hero

  1. Don’t you just love a geeky guy? My husband is like that too, except he doesn’t wield a soldering iron – he prefers power tools. I don’t know how he could fix a capacitor in a camera with a lathe, though! :lol:

  2. Okay, the closest we can get to that is that Sam actually emptied the elbow joint under the sink of its collected carrot shavings. And I wasn’t even home to cheer him on. But soldering iron? Dream on!