The Cartoon Classics Festival

My Mom received some tickets for the WGBH Cartoon Classics Festival at Symphony Hall.  DH kept K with him at B’s Lego Meeting, and M and I took the train into Boston.

The First group we heard perform was Magic Marimba – quite impressive.  We also enjoyed the displays of antique musical instruments throughout the building.  The instrument petting zoo was almost too exciting – M tried 3 times to get his confidence together to try them.  It was hot, crowded, and loud.  The demonstrators were very patient and kind, focused on their students, it was up to the parents to figure out who’s turn was next in line – I got confused and fell afoul of another family!

He got a good tone out of both the clarinet and flute (B has given him some lessons.) He really got a kick out of the old Tom and Jerry and Buggs Bunny cartoons, especially the way you could hear so well from any part of the hall.

We were only 5 min into the trip to the city, when M said, “It’s already a great day!”

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