Getting organized

OK, what day is today again?

If DH was at a business meeting at church last night, then this must be Thursday, yep, the upper right corner of my computer confirms this.  So, tomorrow is co-op, I’d better make sure I don’t need photocopies made for class, and get my outline ready.  I hope the activities are less analytical than last week, so my pre-logic staged kids follow along.  Maybe I’d better do some memorizing with them, that’s more what they are up to? I wonder how I can get more interaction out of them, or get them to role play?  The great distraction is that recess follows my class time.

Sunday is Halloween.  Today is the last free day for costume collection.  M made up his mind that he’d like to be a turtle.  No problem, we have the belly piece and tail from when B was a turtle and another time a crocodile carrying an alarm clock (pieces of felt sewn to a ribbon, which can then be safety pinned to clothing – I’d better buy safety pins) and a really large mixing bowl we can duct tape to his back.  He does want a mask too, I’ll make a paper one, but he is searching for a photo reference for me out of old Ranger Rick magazines.  If that doesn’t work (he’s not really the age for searching out information, I mostly asked him for it to keep from hearing how bored he is) I’ll used Google images.

K is content to wear the kitty mask from China (it’s actually a New Year’s mask).  B wants to be a TARDIS.  We’ll need to buy a big box, or hopefully get one from the neighbors who just moved in.  And a quart of blue paint, and a flash light and a translucent plastic bowl for the top, some white paint too, and more Eileen’s tacky glue.

So, today is shaping up to be a shopping/craft day, I’ll have B practice his flute before we go, and do M’s kitchen table school at the same time.  I hear K getting into something in the kitchen – oh good, just drawing supplies, not the sugar bowl.

Sunday is also the last day of the month, so I’d better pay the bills, and balance the check book today, no time for it on co-op day, or clean the house/Lego club/get Sunday school organized/Saturday.

Guess the kids will be watching more of the dvd I picked up from the library yesterday, the All Creatures Great and Small.  More drinking, smoking and cursing than I remembered, but the boys remarked on the stupidness of drunkenness, and there are consequences in the story.  K likes the animals.

Either that or I’ll hire B to watch K at the park while M plays here.  I can’t do numbers on the computer with motion and noise in the same room.

Maybe that is partly why the mitten pattern is so slow.  And I haven’t gotten to the editing part yet…

2 thoughts on “Getting organized

  1. Egads, Thursday afternoon is band/flute lesson day! At least B gets himself to the middle school for band rehearsal. In 5 min I have to tell the kids that in another 5 min we will be leaving for flute lesson.

    At least the black bean soup is simmering – we are out of cumin though, and it needs cumin.

    On the way to the store, K added dragon, and M decided on 2 headed dragon.

    and I said, “sure.”
    somebody swat me.