Great Post at The Thinking Mother

Even as Christinemm simplifies her life by cutting back on co-ops, she lists out good reasons to co-op.

I’m so glad this summer that I decided to make this 1/6 of a year lighter on the kitchen table school goals: we have B’s flute audition, co-op, the LIFE group Christmas Crafting Fair, travel to NY for Thanksgiving, F.I.R.S.T. Lego League meetings, and daylight savings time switch – for one of the first years ever, I’m not tearing my hair out this week of B’s birthday.  I’m enjoying the co-op, proud of the ladies work in making great classes for the children, pleased at the friendships I’ve seen formed in children and adults, the networking, and today I got to take home some yummy duck eggs from one little girl’s poultry.

But I’m still too tired for a long post ;-)

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