I like research, and choices.  When people ask me how to it, I don’t give instructions, I give options.  I drive sequential learners (including M) nuts.  So why am I giving advise?  Umm… there was an interesting exchange on Facebook, I wanted a ready made, quick blog post for the holidays,  and I’d already compiled these lists on old e-mails answering questions on forums (even though I should have known better) so I copied them here with a few updates.

The Well Trained Mind is a modern classic.  Susan Wise Bauer also keeps an excellent blog and moderates a substantial forum at welltrainedmind.com .

Mary Pride’s Big Book of Home Learning (all 4 volumes)and her latest book, Mary Pride’s Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling about beginning to homeschool are also quite helpful.
Note:  She tells it strait, but can irritate sometimes.  I love
her, but I am from New York, and we seem to like people like that.

“So your thinking about Homeschooling” by Lisa Whelchel.
Yep, the former child actress.  I thought her book was funny, helpful
and respectful.  I got my copy from my Mom as a “I wasn’t a fan of homeschooling, but I support your decision” gift.

Rebeccah Rupp is the author of another curriculm/resource review book, and I just found she has a curriculum design book too.

Some curriculum sites:







Curriculum Review:


Sites of “How to homeschool”






Here are my favorite magazines, some I get at the library, others my co-op has subscribed to in the past.

Practical Homeschooling (Mary Pride editor)

Old School House Magazine

Homeschooling Today Magazine

Home Education Magazine

Jim Trelease’s Read Aloud Handbook has lots of suggestions about
effective teaching methods, as well as a reading list.

Of course, these are the education part of homeschooling.  My friend asked a lot more questions – like how do you clean house, spend time with your husband, with God, with yourself, and meet your other obligations.

Sounds like another few blog posts to me (even though other people have done it before, and better than I have!)  – what are your favorite resources?  What are your big questions?

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