Parquetry Blocks; another Math Toy

My Grandma kept a stash of toys to keep grandchildren occupied – one of them was her button jar.  Another classic was Uncle Steph’s Parquetry blocks.  I used to pretend I was quilting or laying a mosaic when I played with them.

After much searching, my Mom found a set this Christmas for K, although just about everyone in my family has played with them.  Like pattern blocks, they are colorful wooden tiles that coordinate with each other.  But they have Isoscelese right triangles and parallelograms with 45 degree sharp points, like a Tanagram set.  If geometry gets into little brains through the fingers, then it’s nice if they get practice with these angles as well as the 30, 60, 90 and I forget what the skinny pattern block parallelograms are.

And they the kids might just take up quilting too.

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