Was it a Deserved Knuggie?

The guys are in bed, arguing the case that DH should not really have given B the Knuggie – he wasn’t technically interrupting my reading of Anne of the Island, because I wasn’t vocalizing at that moment.

I was a bit surprised that M has wanted the series reading to continue – after Anne grew out of her ‘scrapes,’ and love entered the scene.  But Davy Keith and Phil Gordon were goofy enough to make up for the mushy stuff…until those last two chapters…!  DH called out that the next person to interrupt me was getting a knuggie, and the wrestling that ensued almost knocked B’s chocolate chip cookies onto the floor.

Which would have been their second close shave, when I accidentally tripped B earlier in the evening, he caught himself on the cookie tray – no damage, just some squashed bits of batter, definitely my bad.

B is arguing that his interruption was just a pain response, not a rude one.  DH is not buying it.

It is hard not to say “Umph,” though, when you loose your grip chimney-ing up the door frame  and tangle in speaker cables on your way down, but if you were listening politely in the first place, you  might have been ground fast?

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