Lateral Cable! lots of links and attributions

I’m so delighted, I’m giddy.  I’ve just learned two ways to make what appears to be a horizontal line of knit stitches:

Dragoncrafter’s way ( by way of Sharon Winsauer who attributes it to Margaret Stove. In her book, Margaret Stove says it is “attributed to the late Trude Guermonprez”)

Which was amplified by Chiyo_no_Suro into multiple rows.

There is another way, much looser method, mentioned by Nancy Bush in Fox Faces Socks, then used in Treads, and a video (in German) is here.

I think I might be able to use this to close a 1 stitch cable ring more smoothly than I’ve been able to do so far – the usual BGW method of closing a ring doesn’t work for something that small, they melt into the purl background.

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