Let us eat popcorn

M is on a temporary 8 weeks with no orthodontia anything glued to his teeth.  B has made 3 batches of peanut brittle since last Thursday, and today I popped the rest of the strawberry popcorn the boys grew two years ago. It all popped, but there wasn’t quite enough for snack, so I also popped grocery store popcorn.  The strawberry popcorn was pink and white, the regular gold and creamy yellow.  I’d have taken a picture, but they ate it too fast.

M asked for hot tea with milk and sugar – it was 1 degree F outside today at breakfast, we have ice on the inside of the windows. though my thermostat tells me it is 64 degrees in the house (away from the windows ;-)

M gets pallet extenders in March, so we’ll all eat the sticky, crunchy, hard snacks while we can.  I think I’ll go get more tea too, I’m cold in between my shoulder blades.

5 thoughts on “Let us eat popcorn

  1. We went through palate splitters with Ruth. It is something I had to have my husband do. Men seem to handle it better. It involved a key inserted in the hole in the hardware and turned the prescribed number of times on the prescribed days. Ruth got so she did it herself. Much better. Sore a little at first and then not much fanfare. Do the job and get it over with was Ruth’s mindset. She was a little older.

    • So far M has been so calm about everything – he even fell asleep in the dentist’s chair once. He really likes the staff at his orthodontist’s office too. We’ll see how it goes in 7 weeks, meanwhile, we are all enjoying the sticky/sweet/crunchy contraband – but we have been trained to brush our teeth well afterwards – I guess M’s teeth have been good for the rest of us!

      • He may really like the process then. The hardest part for both my children to deal with was the soreness after each change. I learned to keep soft foods around. I am afraid to admit that my children did not adhere to the food limits that the orthodontist put on them. They were teenagers and I explained they were the ones that would have a life of stained teeth if they did not brush properly and then left it up to them. I chose not to fight that battle. Ruth did well with the process, Blair not so much.