Transitional Discomfort

I was going to title this post “Transitional Angst” but that’s a bit dramatic.

K is hitting the frustrating spot between toddlerhood and preschoolerness – potty doesn’t click, she has to learn to wait patiently, or at least not scream and hit M while she’s waiting, and she has fears Mom can’t kiss away.  My kids tend to get the terrible twos when they are three.

Last night she wouldn’t lie down and go to sleep without clutching my shirt, announcing, “Momma, I have bad dream.”
I was thinking, “Am I God to kill and make alive and cure diseases?  Just don’t scratch me, I forgot to trim your nails!  I have to go to the bathroom…”

When I came back to check on her, she declared, “I will have pink and white dream, I may have bad dream, I may have good dream.  I call you.”  This morning she told me she that she had had a pink and white dream.

She had to solve that one herself, I really couldn’t do anything about it.  Well, I did pray with her, talk soothingly, and put on a pleasant cd.  But still, helplessness makes me cranky.

Other transitions?  M is gaining steam on reading longer words, and he’s over the arithmetic hump, but the high C on recorder makes him forget all the B, A, G tunes he’d learned earlier.  I put off the co-op planning meeting a week due to snow – the storm was a day late, next week I have two days slotted to put the next 1/6 of the year together, we have an out of state visit coming, and the photo shoot for my mitten pattern while there is still snow for the background, if my model and photographer can come on the same day.  A lot of these details I am just waiting on.

K may be the one wailing, but I’m pretty stressed, I’m not completely sure why, and that is worse than the actual to do list.

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