Guest post by M; My Day out with Grandma

The little girl didn’t want to touch the snake.  I told her it wasn’t poisonous.

This was a thing about dead trees, the thing next to it told you how to find old growth forests.  Then there was a thing with pictures, where you pushed two of them up of the forests that you think are old growth forests, and I was absolutely correct.


Minerals that look like coral.  (Mom writing; Grandma wants to look at the minerals longer next visit.)

The POLAR BEAR!  She was kind of sleepy the first time, but when we came along the next time she was just waking up.

The tree houses, Grandma wasn’t wearing snow pants, so we couldn’t trudge through the 2 feet of snow to get to the tree houses.  She says we’ll come back in the spring.  She also says that they should charge less in the winter,  you can’t do as many things.

The bald eagles, I was actually surprised that they had bald eagles.

This is funny.

This was a stop motion photography, so you could see the slow animals in motions, the fastest was the big crab (not horseshoe).

You push a button, and it starts blowing so you can knock the toys in different directions.

There was a light that would flash at different frequencies, and when you hit the right frequencies, the strings on the guitar-thing look like they are holding still, but I couldn’t hit the right frequency.

The macaw, he likes to play on his colorful swings.

That was fun – the most important thing is the entire thing is the pendulum.  If a marble goes one way, it hits another pendulum which decides which way it goes.  One of the ways, my favorite, is when a marble got caught in a basket, when it got five marbles in, it would dump.  And that was fun.

The waitress at Friendly’s gave my mother lots of surprised looks after she’d made sure that M really did want apple slices instead of French fries to go with his hot dog.

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