Treasure Hunt

B’s Spanish tutor (AKA Cousin K) wanted some face to face time, they usually work over Skype.  So she drove down from Cambridge, no small feat with deep snow and two children under 3.

She sent him on a treasure hunt.  This week’s vocabulary is household objects and directions.

Good thing I tidied up this morning and vacuumed, a clean house is easier to hid clues and find clues in.  Besides, my landlord came over to fixed my oven!

M invented a new game, try to outrun the camera.

Cousin B took to the scraps box, and K shared nicely.  This was her first craft time with scissors and a cousin, just like the grownup ladies in our family getting together to make things.

Baby D explored his Mom’s hair,

And M attached himself to the treasure hunt.  Not only were there York Peppermint Patties at the end of it, but M learned a few Spanish words from B, and they found the TV remote that has been missing since Tuesday.

One thought on “Treasure Hunt

  1. Our remote disappeared (with a fov MP3 player) for several days this week– nect time I’ll put it on the scav hunt list!