Will we ever wake up today?

M said at breakfast, “But I love Sleepy, Moist, Mossy Days.” DH complimented him on his alliteration.

I have to shut my computer off next, I’ve already spent more time reading blogs than I meant to.

I finished my first read through of Socratic Circles.  I’m excited by the ideas, but I would  understand the author’s suggestions better if he weren’t always comparing and contrasting them with current educational practice – just describe what to do in the first place and why it’s universally helpful.  I haven’t been in a public school since No Child Left Behind was passed, and my kid only plays in the band at one; so to me, the references are confusing.

But, he wasn’t writing it for the market of procrastinating homeschool moms who are throwing a co-op class together, he was writing it for teachers harried by standardized tests but wanting to teach their students communication and critical thinking skills.

Do I think his methods will teach my co-op kids communication and critical thinking skills?

I don’t know yet, I haven’t read the book though a second time.

Meanwhile, how did the Nightengale family get to be such an emotional hothouse if Mrs Nightingale didn’t read fiction to her girls, I thought romanticism was in the poets of the early Victorian time?  And then on to inept officers of the Crimea.

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