The Echo-y Sound of Re-Modeling

Dh got up at 5 this morning to help my Mom finish steaming the wallpaper off her living room – she returned the steamer just as the store opened, and they didn’t charge her for today.  I let B off of a writing assignment, and he washed sizing off the walls with vinegar, and M scrapped bits of recalcitrant paper off the walls.  Her living room has no curtains or rugs right now, everything echoes, and smells of pickles.

She paid the boys in La Panera Danishes.  K and I went shopping – Jo-Anns and Target.  Its snowing.  I have an easy supper tonight, so I plan to sew – a new brown skirt, letting out some old skirts (sigh) and a new zipper for my old red coat – I just can’t say goodbye.

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