A mainstream commercial with a homeschooler in it

Why does this make me feel happy?

It is nice to see a homeschooling family as normal, not scary people?  To be validated by a big organization?  Yeah, a homeschooler as a creative educator, not a scared curriculum follower?  Not someone abusing her kids, undermining other kid’s educational systems or unhealthily emeshed in their lives?  A potential customer?  Someone who would find teaching her own kids a cozy, creative, fulfilling job?  Something to be proud of?

Of course: how often would Dad be home on a school day (or Mom if she’s the one with paycheck?)  When DH is around, we head to the park!  And, no one I know would make a presentation for their kids for a history lesson – hand around the library books with pictures and read the books out loud, maybe.  Have the kids make a topographical map out of cookie dough and eat it maybe.  Dress up for history maybe, if the kids are that sort…  A kid might make a Popcorn presentation for a club though, or a Mom speaking at a co-op or conference.  The living room was WAY too clean – where were the Legos and Cheerios on the floor?  Maybe it’s a real family who have conquered the ‘get the kids to do their chores,’ bit.  Maybe they cleaned up for the cameras and Dad stayed home for the event.  Maybe not all homeschoolers are as messy as I am.

But still, thanks Microsoft.  In return for the warm fuzzies from portraying us as normal customers, I link to your add.

(I’m still using Open Office though)

One thought on “A mainstream commercial with a homeschooler in it

  1. Does this mean we’ve become…*gasp*…mainstream???

    Their house is way too neat, unless they shoved the mess to the edges of the room beyond the camera view. And yes, I’ve done that. As far as the presentation, what does the honeycomb have to do with anything? I couldn’t figure that out. I do give full points to Microsoft for actually having a homeschooling family. It’s a start.

    A topographical map out of cookie dough. Hmmm…I feel a project coming on….

    Peace and Laughter!