Into the Land of Counterpane – which has some compensations

M has had a stomach flu since Thursday night (12:36 in the morning actually)  K lost her lunch on Sunday, but we’d already kept her home from Sunday School since she already had a fever.  So far B, DH and I are functioning.

They’ve watched way more than normal videos from the library, fallen asleep in the middle of read a louds, and I’m sort of having B help me with K and spring clean – while we are both ambulatory.  We sorted through their closet for things too small for M to wear, put up things of B’s that are too short for him (so he’ll stop wearing them) threw out the ragged stuff, and filled a large give away bag.

Saturday, the kids unexpectedly felt well enough to walk with DH, I sewed an orange turtleneck for M, (rubbed off of one that fits him now, only made longer in the torso so he can keep wearing it, perhaps even this Fall?)  He wanted leaves on the front, so he’d know which was the front, so I cut some out of dark green fabric with my sizzits sidekick.  I didn’t buttonhole stitch around them, so we’ll see how well their details come out of the wash – they shouldn’t fray since they are knit, but we’ll see.

I’ve been making M some fractions manipulatives recommended in the Miquon books: a set of heavy cardboard circles cut into wedges that can fit into a cardboard hole labeled with the clock face.  It can tie angles, clock face, and fractions together.  It’s always fun to use my scrap booking stuff.

I’ve had some time to sketch in my design notebook, and knit.  Except that M is so scary quiet, it’s almost pleasant. More sleep (for me and DH) would be nice though, both M and K were up and down like sewing needles last night.

2 thoughts on “Into the Land of Counterpane – which has some compensations

  1. I will pray. It seems these things run through families now and then. It came to pass…

  2. I hope M is over the flu soon. I know I can never relax when the quiet in the house is caused by illness.

    Peace and Laughter!