Homeschool planning process

I have 15 weeks left in this school year – because we school year round.  Last Summer when I broke the year up into rough sixths, I kind of skimped on the time at the end.  I think because it’s a more “productive” time of year for us, and because the two sessions of co-op and standardized testing are done with.

Looking at that calender makes me nervous though!  So, today, as I recover from  my day of stomach flu, and DH has the kids helping him hand out invitations to the Easter service door to door (in cute bags with matching new testaments and dramatized cds of the new testament).  I’m thinking of doing the whole smash – the last half.

I’m going to have to be a ‘slasher Mom’ and snip bits out of the curriculum  (sigh).  My other problem is that B’s grammar book has gotten beyond what I actually studied in school.  By 8th grade my English teachers were handing us the grammar book for reference.  I left in in my locker until I had to turn it in at the end of the year.  I wish grammar were math.  Math not so arbitrary.  At least grammar is not spelling.

So; I think I will stick to the sixth; because then I have a hope of getting it all done this day.  After lunch, DH wants to do taxes, so I will be keeping the kids out of his hair – well, B has a project, he’s not really in the little kid class anymore.

Process?  Gather the books, gather my notebook.  list out what I want to do in the next session.  Divide the work by the days available, and assign the chores to the days.  Re-read pertinent sections of the Well Trained Mind and this blog for inspiration, imagine going through a day as laid out, is it really feasible?  Slash stuff that isn’t feasible (ugh) Print out all maps, coloring pictures, and math activities, sort into the notebook.  Print mini assignment cards for B’s pocket chart, paper clip them at intervals in the notebook, to hand out to B as we get to the weeks.

Big chore for me this year: I think I need to make myself a grammar lap book.  Because I get mixed up on adverbs, clauses seem all the same to me, and I forget what questions I’m supposed to ask to make things orderly.

Mean while, I just write like I speak.  Or is it as I speak?

You know what I mean.

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