Mother’s Day Outing at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Mom found out that Mothers get in free on Mother’s Day at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. So we at a picnic at church, then drove right up to Boylston for our outing.

I guess the orangery has been emptied for the Spring.

We walked enough on the rustic trails to sleep well that night, the no-see-ums were a bit pesky though.

The pond was popular with M and K, and some other children they watched polywogs with.

I liked watching them like the pond.

I found out that Henry David Thoreau was the one who came up with the term succession.

I’m not sure how, but Miss Mischief never fell into the fountain.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Outing at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  1. Looks like a lovely day! Reading about everybody’s family time and gardening and outings for Mother’s Day makes me feel a wee bit guilty that what I wanted was 4 hours alone… =)