Hanging out in the Gym in Testing

I don’t get much exercise there, besides making sure K stays out of the volley ball area.  M has been playing 4-square, K has been Mommy-ing an 18 month old as much as he will tolerate, and B has been calm whenever we see him in test breaks.

Today B’s class had a funny head gear contest, his was made from Legos and was a stuffed 3-headed hydra hat.  He won second place and a box of Jr Mints.  I never remember games or candy from my standardized test proctor – but that’s OK!

I was fairly frustrated at M yesterday for his angst over the 4-square rules – the little ‘cute’ kids didn’t have to follow the rules, but he did.  Dan and B rescued the situation by telling M that it was really a compliment that the big kids didn’t put him in the same category as the little ones, and that they considered him enough of a threat to make hard rules.  But also that if a bunch of kids are playing arbitrary rules, you don’t have to play as well.

I don’t remember 4-square, maybe we didn’t play it in NY.  I do remember playing Star Treck, and automatically getting to be Lt Ilea, because I was the only girl, wait, someone was Uhurra, so there must have been two of us.  None of the kids were playing Star Treck I guess that’s more of a play ground sort of pretend game anyway.

I decided that I’d sign B over to another Mom, and take M and K on errands this morning.  We filed my DBA at city hall for the knitting pattern business, Dan gave me the tax refund, so I’m setting up the business checking account and pay pal merchant stuff (And buying some yarn and reference books!)  He’s also going to upgrade my computer.

So, did M find errands more fun than the gym?

Nah, we had to hurry back from City Hall so he could play 4 square.  Just as well, I wanted to ask some of the experienced homeschooling moms some questions while they were all in the comfy chairs around the gym.

One thought on “Hanging out in the Gym in Testing

  1. There’s no way I could hang out during testing– you’re a more patient woman than I am by far!