Digging Out

My First Ever Graded Sweater Pattern is written.  At least the first draft.  Today I let the errors sit so I’ll see them tonight, and dig out the rest of the house.

Sigh, the house. There is laundry to attend to, the mess I never got to over the weekend after testing co-op, a Saturday out at a bridal shower and visiting relatives and Sunday when I don’t really do housework.  M had bit orthodontia yesterday, and has that barely contained crazed fussyness that teeth give him.  K went through 9 outfits yesterday in potty learning – she’d do great if her Mom were better at remembering to sit her down even if she doesn’t think she needs to.  At least she’s learned that she doesn’t like the feeling of being wet, modern diapers are so comfy she didn’t know that.  What a blessing DH does the dishes, and picked up the groceries.  He never casts it up to me, knowing all about the organizational strategy of “I’ll just get obsessed and hyper focus then I’ll pick up the pieces later.  That’s how I’ll do it.”

Oh yeah, and homeschooling. B is chugging along, M is so uptight about his teeth we’ll see if he CAN get anything done, and K is needing some more interesting things to do, play with your play dough isn’t cutting it anymore.

But my pattern is written.

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